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    PICO G2


    PICO G2

    Why just watch something when you can actually experience it?

    Thanks to Virtual Reality technology, you can experience all the action with all your senses.
    Get the sights and sounds of actually being at a live concert.
    Learn to shoot a basketball side-by-side legendary athletes.
    Don’t just play the game – live the game. VR makes all this and more possible.

    Pico G2 is an all-in-one product with a design for most comfort with a counter weight,
    and the focus on G2’s high performance.
    With the 25% improved resolution from the previous model, you will have the best experience available.

    Ultralight, high performance,
    HD resolution All-in-One stand-alone HMD!

    • More Variety
    • More Powerful
    • More Realistic
    • Comfort of no wiring

    HD big screen and the most popular games wirelessly!
    Ultralight, high performance,
    HD resolution All-in-One stand-alone HMD!

    Kiosk Mode

    The case designed to focus and simple.
    Try Pico G2 Headset as a single
    application only.

    Hands-Free Control

    No controllers? No problem!
    Pico G2 has a simple “look and choose” handsfree control option.

    Design with the thought
    of comfort of users

    All Pico G2 uses PU material Insert
    for its cleanliness and sanitation.

    1440×1600 Resolution
    LCD Display

    Pico G2 creates the most ideal viewing experience for users.
    With 90Hz Refresh Rate and 615ppi,
    G2 provides brighter and clearer image quality.

    Pico G2, an all-in-one,
    high performance
    Virtual Reality Device featuring
    world-class hardware and software

    • Display

      101 FOV, 90 Hz regeneration rate

    • Component

      835 Snapdragon 32GB memory 4GB RAM

    • Connection


    • design

      Unique placement of battery allows for ultralight design (268g)

    • Developer

      Android 8.1 Pico SDK (Unreal/Unity), Wave SD

    Pico G2 provides the best-in-class wireless VR experience with
    a focus on high-def video, superior performance and a sleek,
    lightweight and comfortable design.
    G2 is built based on Goblin 1.

    The Portable G2 launched with
    25% improved display and a 40% lighter design (268g).
    With an enhanced LCD display (1440×1600 screen resolution)
    and 615 PPI,the G2 provides
    an even better viewing experience
    for users than any other mobile headset on the market.
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